Clay has been used as a natural healing agent and cure-all for centuries by the Native Americans in Mississippi. They would apply it to open wounds, burns, body aches, skin disorders and other maladies.  Some would even ingest it for stomach ailments and for its high mineral content.  It has been used in sacred ceremonial and ritual healing and was a closely guarded secret.  Some used it to purify water.  To them it was spiritual and part of their connection to the earth.  Perhaps, Nature’s gift of healing

As the Europeans began colonizing the Americas in 1492, Native Americans were gradually moved off their lands and eventually this mystical, magical clay was all but lost and forgotten.  Then in a fortuitous set of events, it was rediscovered by a local Native American who, when a child had been told the secret of this legendary clay by his grandfather.  He believed that the rediscovery of this clay was too important and powerful to remain a secret and wanted it to be made available to everyone.

This rare vein of clay, the remnant of ancient volcanic ash, has been analyzed and certified as a therapeutic Magnesium Bentonite Clay by Mississippi State University.  We, ourselves Native American descendants, now offer this Clay to you.

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