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Hydrated Clay


Our Mississippi clay is the very rare magnesium bentonite clay and is prized for its high magnesium content and other essential minerals.  We believe it is the finest therapeutic clay on earth!  Click "Learn More" or view our Hydrated Clay.

Organic Coconut Oil Blend

100% pure, organic coconut oil PLUS the best of nature!  Nourishing, healing, rejuventating, and hydrating for the skin!  It's also a FANTASTIC makeup remover -- no more stripping your skin just to remove your makeup!  Click on our Organic Coconut Oil Blend and learn more!

Natural Mineral Soap

Clay B4 1492 Natural Mineral Soap is a wonderful way to cleanse your skin while enjoying the benefits of clay!  This Therapeutic Soap is made from virgin olive oil, filtered rainwater, essential oils,(if scented), castor oil, vitamin E oil, and contains a full ounce of magnesium bentonite clay in each large 5 oz. bar of Mineral Soap.